Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Al Alawi & Co. established itself as the leading local firm at the forefront of IP issues. Today, being proactive rather than reactive is a business necessity, not an option, in an ever changing economic landscape. Leveraging the economic value of your most important asset – intellectual property – can propel you ahead of the competition, fund your research and development, and help you get to market and capture market share faster. Like a stock portfolio, it is important to understand how intellectual property fits into the overall business strategy of your organization.

The Intellectual Property (IP) team at Al Alawi & Co combines decades of litigation experience with a robust procurement and asset management practice to devise strategies that help clients protect IP assets while maximizing their value. We handle all aspects of IP work including litigation, patent and trademark procurement, counseling, asset management, monetization, and licensing. Our IP attorneys assist clients in developing intellectual property programs that are predicated on and indispensable to the realization of primary business objectives and that, at the same time, minimize the risk of litigation. We represent a broad array of national and international companies including ones active in electronics, semiconductors, communications, computer hardware and software, internet distribution and operations, chemical, medical device, and biotechnology industries.

The impact of developments on the media and entertainment industries redefined the roles that copyrights, trademark and false advertising have on almost every aspect of law and business. As majority of businesses begin to generate original copyright material as an integral asset of the organization, the significance of intellectual property increases exponentially, becoming a cornerstone of business development and growth. In light of this, our Media & IP Practice established an industry-wide approach that focuses on advising businesses across a broad spectrum of industries on their IP assets and providing novel solutions for all matters relating to the creation, synchronization and secondary exploitation of IP.

Key areas our attorneys specialize in include:


·       Trademark - We at Al Alawi & Co offer comprehensive services covering transactional advisory, litigation, advisory, trademark prosecution and defence. Our attorneys possess extensive expertise and practical know-how in prosecuting and defending trademark infringement, passing-off, unfair competition and anti-counterfeiting proceedings. We also carry out due diligence investigations, negotiations, drafting transactional documents and IP security arrangements.

·       Patents - We advise on international filing and prosecution strategies. We assist in drafting patent applications and secure patent rights; conducting patent and other intellectual property due diligence along with IP and IT asset valuation in connection with acquisitions , strategic alliances and other business partnering relationships.

·       Enforcement of IP - We advise on anti-piracy and enforcement of IP right against competitors. We can help you maintain your market position by taking swift and effective action against competitors who seek to erode product or service effectiveness and innovation.

·       Commercial IP - We advise on aspects of acquisition of intellectual property rights including franchise and IP licensing.

·       Copyrights - We can help you capture and protect your valuable copyright assets. We can also advise you on the forms of copyright agreements that best suit your needs.

Our Media & IP team also assists clients with internet and domain name issues, advising on domestic and foreign registration of patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copy rights, reparation, filing and prosecuting of applications for patents, trademarks and copyrights, locally and through associates worldwide, protecting of proprietary rights in software, including copyrights, patents and licenses, advising on transfer and licensing of technology, and litigating in transfer of technology, trademark, patent, copyrights, unfair competition and trade secrets.